Increase employee morale and overall health all in the same day! In addition to our premier Health & Wellness Events, we can also coordinate the following wellness related activities for your and your team:
Going Green Environmental Events

Team Building Programs – both onsite and offsite

Multiple Educational Wellness Seminars in one day

Wellness Workshops and Clinics

On-Site Fitness Demonstrations

On-Site Yoga & Pilates Classes

“Iron Chef” Competitions (offered in Southern California – San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles – only)

“Biggest Loser” Challenges

Company Runs/Walks

Themed Wellness Days (i.e. “Breast Cancer Awareness”, “Catch a Wave to Wellness”, etc.)

As with all of our services we offer, each of the above is fully customized to your employees unique demographics and needs.

Contact us today for more information and to start building your Worker Happiness Index!