Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs: San Diego

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs: San Diego Did you know the typical American works approximately 47 hours a week? That is almost 164 hours more than the average 20 years ago. With only so much time being devoted to making a living, most people tend to forget about the living part. Finding time or having the energy after a long day to exercise and counter-act the stresses of a job is difficult for modern working Americans. This inability to balance work and a healthy lifestyle is taking its toll. By 2030, half of all American adults in the U.S. are expected to be obese ( This is why we at LifeStyles INFOCUS™ believe it’s time to break the unhealthy habits of corporate America and encourage a healthy-living trend in San Diego and nationwide.   What Can LSI do for you? Corporate wellness programs are important tools for establishing balance in the workplace. Programs that emphasize the benefits of corporate wellness can be implemented in a variety of ways. If you are a business in the San Diego area, let us work with you to develop your own Corporate Health and Wellness Program by offering the following services: Customized Health & Wellness Events On-Site Biometric Screenings & Massage On-Site Educational Seminars/Lunch & Learns Healthy LifeStyles INFOCUS Cuisine And Other Additional Wellness Services One of the primary benefits of corporate wellness is a reduction in the rates of illness and injuries among employees. Unhealthy employees experience a wide range of work related injuries such as muscle strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and most often neck or back pain. It’s no secret that the state... read more