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Broker-Pics-for-LSI-Website2LifeStyles INFOCUS™ understands how important it is to you, a company’s broker, to supply each of your clients with the most effective, cost efficient, beneficial programs on the market for Health and Wellness. We realize that finding a comprehensive solution that represents you professionally and respectfully is crucial in today’s tense work atmosphere. With health insurance costs rising and companies needing to cut benefits to stay afloat, what better way to keep moral high and show how proactive you are on the behalf of your clients then to offer services that are at no cost or low cost for them to utilize.

In the past decade, we have worked with over 20+ Broker Firms across the U.S. and by doing so, have been enable to share our knowledge of enhancing the lives of our clients — and their employees — by helping them look beyond the paycheck, resulting in increased productivity and a more contented and connected workforce.

Let LifeStyles INFOCUS™ do the work and YOU get the credit!

Through our programs and strategic partnerships, we’ve compiled the best experts and resources to help you help your client develop a customized Health and Wellness program in order to educate employees about alternative ways to live a more balanced life.

We work directly with your client on your behalf to customize every element of their event. Based on you and your client’s approval, we invite the right wellness professionals to interface with their employees to inform them of their options and motivate them to take action. The more information you and your client share with us about their employees, their benefits and their Health and Wellness goals, the more custom the event and/ or program becomes.

We do all the work leading up to the event including inviting the benefit’s providers, non-profits, partners, affiliates, etc. Our Certified Corporate Wellness Coaches will keep you and you’re your client informed of every step in the process leading up to the day of the event. On the day of the wellness event, we do all set up, manning of the event, and clean up. You just show up and encourage your client to relax and enjoy themselves!

How to get started:

Let LSI connect with you and your team for either an in person lunch and learn (SoCA only) or a webinar. We will go through how we customize each event, discuss our various affiliate partners and their comprehensive H&W programs and outline how we ensure your client’s satisfaction.

Our goal is to be your Health and Wellness Advocate by serving as a fully comprehensive Workforce Wellness Resource. Let us do the work – and you focus on helping your client’s bottom line. We will pull together all the necessary items that you will need to present to your client and will conduct a face to face meeting with you and they to go through them in detail.

Contact us today to schedule.