Customized Corporate Health & Wellness Events

Customized Health & Wellness EventsIf your organization is experiencing a loss of productivity, increased absenteeism, an unhappy or overly stressed workforce and you want to make a difference in your employees health, hosting a Health and Wellness Event will help inspire positive lifestyle choices and thus makes bottom line impact. LSI Corporate Health and Wellness Events are fully planned, organized, and facilitated face-to-face interactive events catered to your company’s specific needs and demographics.We cater to your wants and needs in order to customize every element of your event. You have full control over the elements of your event, which includes choice in wellness professionals represented, on-site screenings and demonstrations, catered healthy food and much more!

We are proud to have offered and assisted with many corporate health and wellness events!  Whether you are in San Diego or somewhere else in SoCal, we would love to learn about how we can help your business create a healthy and happy workforce.  Our corporate health and wellness events are fully customized to fit the needs of your business and we pride ourselves on being the most unique and professional provider of health and wellness programs in the San Diego area.  No matter the size of your organization, we have helped many different types of businesses and other organizations to keep their workforce happy and health with our customized health event solutions.

No two events are the same! As we are not a membership driven organization, each exhibitor is personally invited with your approval.  You receive a comprehensive list each week during the planning process in order to avoid any “surprises” the day of the event. Our Corporate Health and Wellness Events are NOT street fairs. We only invite top-notch wellness professionals to take part in your event who focus on education, interactive screenings, and fit into your overall Wellness Program.  Your Corporate Health & Wellness Event is designed to serve as an educational, hands-on experience leaving each attendee with new information on what they can do to achieve a more well rounded and healthy way of life.

We do all the work, you take all of the credit! We are an extension of your team handling all the details leading up to your event, including inviting your benefit providers, non-profits, partners, affiliates, scheduling screenings, ordering catered food and rentals (if applicable) and so much more. Our team will keep you informed of every step in the process leading up to the day of the event so there are never any surprises. On the day of your event we do all set up, staffing, and clean up. You just show up, relax and take the first step towards a healthier workforce.

Go beyond the paycheck! Your employees will not only learn about their options, but will experience interactive screenings, samplings, educational materials and discounts provided by the exhibitors. LifeStyles INFOCUS™ is ready to help you and your management make a difference in your workforce, and help you realize the benefits of focusing on wellness.


LSI can also offer assistance with the following:

Going Green Environmental Events

Team Building Programs – both onsite and offsite

Themed Wellness Days

Lunch and Learns

Wellness Workshops and Clinics

Referrals to comprehensive Wellness Programs

Connections with partners across various Wellness spaces

Corporate Health and Wellness Events

And each of the above is fully customized to your employees unique demographics and needs.

Contact us today for more information and to start building your Worker Happiness Index!