LifeStyles Cuisine & Cafe Merlot

Grilled-Chicken-Breast-webLifeStyles INFOCUS™ Cuisine is prepared and presented by Café Merlot. With this nutritious dining option, we are committed to producing fresh, locally grown, healthy food for our Southern California (San Diego, Orange County and LA) clients. Whether in a setting for a business meeting, or for your daily employee dining center, we firmly believe that every time you dine you should have a positive experience, and be better for it without sacrificing restaurant quality taste.

CafeMerlotLogoCafe Merlot is located inside 17 acres of the Bernardo Winery Vineyard (Inland North County) San Diego, CA. Our Chef’s are inspired to create menus from fresh food delivered locally by growers that have the same passion our team possess. Our Farmer’s Market at the Vineyard on Friday mornings allow versatile recipes and a freshness that is brought right from our kitchen’s door, to yours.

LifeStyles INFOCUS™ Cuisine from the culinary experts at Cafe Merlot will go beyond your expectations and allow you to enjoy a culinary adventure (even in your office). Professional services, timely deliveries, generous portion sizes, and flexible menu pricing allows you to relax, breathe, and enjoy your event. Whether planning a social or professional event for your place of business, we meet and go beyond your expectations all while working within your budget.

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