As our respected client,  you and your colleagues will benefit from partnering directly with LifeStyles INFOCUS™.  We work with a broad spectrum of brokers, corporations, wellness professionals, and non-profit organizations nationwide. You will receive unparalleled personal service and together, we will build long-lasting professional relationships.


Brokers: Let us be an extension to the services you already offer your valued clients. We do the work, and you get all of the credit!

Corporations:: We have experience working with every modality in the corporate world.  From Biotech companies and Law Firms, to Government Agencies, School Districts, Sports Teams and more, we pride ourselves in being able to offer each of client exactly what they need in a Wellness Program.

Wellness Professionals: We work only with the most reputable wellness vendors that communities have to offer.  Being a vendor allows specialists to use a face-to-face approach in order to educate individuals, thus enhancing their lives.

Non-Profits: We receive tremendous program support from non-profits including: American Cancer Society, American Heart Associations, Susan Komen, American Lung Association, M.A.D.D. and so many more!